The Dayton AffairThe Rocky Horror Picture Show

What is The Rocky Horror Picture Show?

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a British-American musical comedy movie that was released in 1975.  The film is based on a stage play written by Richard O'Brien. It follows Brad Majors and Janet Weiss, two newly engaged "normal" people, who get diverted from their journey to visit the teacher that introduced them to each other and unexpectedly thrust in the middle of an intergalactic power struggle. Featuring transsexual transvestites, incestual servants, and a frozen pizza delivery guy thrown in for good measure, this movie’s bizarre plot (or lack thereof) earned it a cult following that has had audiences coming back week after week (or month after month in our case) for over 30 years, making it the longest running theatrical release in film history!

For more information on The Rocky Horror Picture Show, you can check out its Wikipedia page here, or its IMDB entry here.

So, do you guys do a play or show a movie?

It’s a little bit of both.  As The Rocky Horror Picture Show gained its cult following, the audiences started showing up to theatres dressed up as the characters in the movie, and even acted out their favorite scenes in the aisles (or stage, if the theatre had one).  Over time, “shadowcasts” started to form devoted to Rocky, and The Dayton Affair is one such cast.

We offer an interactive movie experience.  Not only is the movie played in the theatre, our cast acts it out on stage (and in the aisles), complete with costumes, props, and some sets.  The audience gets to participate by yelling and throwing things during the movie.  For more on that, please see the Audience Participation section.

Why does Rocky Horror start so late?

When the initial release of The Rocky Horror Picture Show bombed horribly in the box office, Fox started marketing it as a “midnight movie,” which is where it built its audience of repeat viewers.  Therefore, most Rocky Horror shadowcasts aim to start their shows around midnight on Saturdays.

The Dayton Affair usually opens the theatre doors to the audience around 11:15 PM to let people come in, mingle with the audience, and buy stuff from us like good little consumer whores.  We try to get the Virgin Sacrifice started by midnight (or whenever the flow of audience to the theatre slows down), and usually have the movie started by 12:20 AM.  The average show ends sometime around 2:30 AM. 

Keep in mind that times are subject to change depending upon what events the theatre is hosting before us, so be sure to check the Show Dates section for more specific information.

What’s with the blocky cartoon things on the website?

Once upon a time, our cast director had too much watermelon schnapps and free time his hands.  Being an uber-geek addicted to oldschool video games, he wondered what the Rocky cast would look like as 8-bit video game characters.  A few hangovers later, he had his answer.  We like to call these lovable characters “The Rocky Horror Pixel Show,” and like to use them whenever we can.