The Dayton AffairThe Rocky Horror Picture Show

Due to the unique nature of a RHPS Floorshow, there are a few rules we must enforce to protect ourselves, the audience, and keep on good terms with the theatre management.

General Rules & Warnings

  • This film has sexual situations and innuendoes, allusions to nudity, transvestitism, and other generally socially volatile subject matter, so if this kind of thing makes you uncomfortable or you are offended by these things then do us all a favor and just don’t show up.

  • The building is smoke free. If you would like to smoke, please do so outside the main entrance. This also means that lighters are no longer an acceptable participation item. Please bring small flashlights or buy glowsticks from us instead.  Remember, open flamers are okay, but NOT open flames.

  • During the movie, please stay out of the aisles, ( you may be run down if you are in the cast’s way).  If you need to go to the bathroom our outside to smoke, be on the lookout for cast members running through (who are blinded by the spotlight and won’t be able to see you).  The only time you are encouraged to be in the aisles is during “The Time Warp.”

  • DO NOT throw anything at our really expensive screen or at other people, only throw things up and to the back.

  • You will be searched by security before entering the theatre. Anything that can be is/can be used as a weapon (including such things as chains and large spiked items) or drugs and alcohol will be confiscated while you are in the theatre. While we make every effort to return these items at the end of the show. Loss or theft is your concern. Please leave this stuff at in your car, or better yet, at home.

  • Once the movie has started, cameras are strictly prohibited.  Any audience member caught taking pictures while the movie is playing will be removed from the theatre, as this makes us liable for copyright infringement.  You may take pictures any time before and after the movie.  If you’d like to see pictures of the cast performing during the movie, come back and check out photo gallery, our look on our Myspace page.

  • If you plan on bringing your own survival kit items, you may NOT bring; water guns, confetti, hotdogs, bread, more than 4oz. rice, or more than 2 rolls of toilet paper and 2 slices of toast per person. These items will also be taken by security when you are searched.

  • There are a number of official security personnel who will watch to make sure that things don't get out of hand and so you should, in the immortal words of Cartman, respect their authority.

Theatre Rules

If you are outside the theatre Please stay in the parking area or immediately in front of the theatre.  If you are outside please keep in mind that families live in the buildings around the theatre.  Use common sense, act like a freak with the other freaks inside.

  • If you plan to arrive for the show early please do not come to the theatre before 11:15PM. Patrons come to the theatre to see other events before Rocky, so don't show too early and get in their way.

  • Everyone entering the theatre will be searched.
  • You may go outside the building to smoke, or into the lobby to get some air, get some food or a drink. You may not, however, go outside or into the lobby to undress, perform bondage etc. etc. The front of our building is glass, the police and conservatives are outside. Use common sense.

  • Do not damage theatre property. This includes throwing things at the screen, sitting on the backs or sides of the seats, tagging, purposely spilling things, etc.

  • Do not interfere with the show. This includes distracting the cast, interfering with the cast or crew, and contact with our props or costumes.

  • Just because someone is walking around in their underwear does not mean you have the right to grab, touch, fondle, kiss, berate, slander, uncover, recover, paint, sign, smell, drool on, or do anything else to them or their parts. This makes us angry, and you wouldn’t like us when we’re angry...

  • If you decide to start a fight, theatre staff will finish it for you, then throw you out, then call the police.

  • If Drugs, Alcohol, or other Illegal things are confiscated they will be destroyed or turned over to the authorities.  YOU WILL NOT GET THEM BACK.
  • DO NOT BRING anything that is or could be a weapon.This includes but is not limited to:
    knives, mace, chains (including wallet chains and large necklaces), spikes (regardless of where they are mounted), whips, riding crops, skateboards, staves, canes, glass containers.

  • DO NOT BRING outside beverages.  Due to the theatre's contract with it's beverage vendor, we do not allow outside beverages inside the theatre.