The Dayton AffairThe Rocky Horror Picture Show

Audience Participation

Unlike a regular movie where you just sit there, and watch, and ponder to yourself how Eddie Murphy keeps finding work, you can get much more involved at Rocky Horror.  Just like sex, the Rocky Horror experience is a lot more fun the more you participate. This is an outline of the ways you can join in:


The audience is encouraged to yell things during the show to make fun of the movie, just like in Mystery Science Theatre 3000.  If you’re too young to know what MST3K was, go look it up on your Youtubes and you’ll get an idea for what goes on at Rocky.

An example of a callback is to yell out “ASSHOLE” whenever the hero of the movie, Brad Majors, introduces himself, and to yell “SLUT” whenever he introduces his fiancé, Janet Weiss.  If you’d like to know more, we sell callback scripts at the shows for $1, or you can download the script here and print it off for yourself.


Throwing Things

You are also encouraged you to throw certain things during the movie (just make sure to throw up and to the back).  We sell Rocky Horror Survival Kits that include most everything you’ll need to participate in the show.  The kits cost $1 and include:

  • 1 baggie of rice
  • 1 newspaper
  • 1 roll of toilet paper
  • 1 slice of toast
  • Playing cards

You ARE allowed to bring your own bags of things to throw, just keep in mind the following rules:

  • No lighters or open flames are allowed in the theatre.  During the scene where lighters are traditionally used, you may use a flashlight, cell phone, Nintendo DS, or anything else that lights up.  You can also buy glowsticks from us for $.50 before the show.
  • No water guns, hot dogs, or confetti are permitted in the theatre.  These will be confiscated, or you will be told to put them back in your car.
  • No more than 4oz of rice, 2 slices of toast, or 2 rolls of toilet paper per person.

Security staff is free to make judgment calls on items not included in these lists.